Nad Vallée Sculpture sur verre

Glass Technics

Nad Vallée dans son atelier


The creations of Nad Vallée are realized in “Pate de Verre” also be termed “Pate de Crystal”, using the ancestral lost wax technique. Starting a sculpture created in clay or wax, a mold is produced. Having melted the wax (we said the wax is “lost”, crystal fragments of differents colors (made before) are introduced into the hollow mold. The cycle of firing lasts at least 10 days. Once cooled, the mold is carefully broken, revealing the sculpture in Pate de Verre. Each piece is therefore unique. There remain to proceed finishing operations : cleaning, polishing ...


Glass fusing is a technique practised in the Antiquity. Completly forgotten for about 2000 years, it was rediscovered in 1950. The fusing involves melting pieces of float glass usually of different colors that have been previously cutted, assembled or superimposed and melted together in a kiln to create one unified piece of glass. The fusing combined with slumping (on a mold prepared before) allows to obtain the desired shape. Final finishing of the piece is done using different techniques : cutting, cleaning, polishing, sandblasting ...